Novexx XPA 93x


You need a reliable label printing and application system that can quickly and accurately place variable information on any product? The Novexx XPA 93x station is precisely developed for this purpose.

Novexx XPA 93x


Novexx XPA 93x
Novexx XPA 93x
Novexx XPA 93x
Novexx XPA 93x
Novexx XPA 93x
Novexx XPA 93x

What is the Novexx XPA 93x suitable for?

The Novexx XPA 93x label printing and application station is suitable for both top, bottom, and side labeling, making it easy to apply information to products and boxes of various sizes and shapes across different industries. It prints and applies blank labels on-the-fly, directly onto the desired surface. Novexx Solutions has developed the XPA 93x Print & Apply system as a robust and exceptionally compact station that excels in diverse industrial environments.

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Product features of Novexx XPA 93x

Not only is the print quality exceptional, but also the precision with which the device places the labels on the products. It prints in a highly readable 300 dpi resolution, even at high speeds, thanks to thermal transfer technology. All of this is achieved in a user-friendly manner: not only are the settings easily adjustable, but also cleaning and replacement of parts.

The advantages of Novexx XPA 93x

Labeling of products, boxes, and pallets

It is suitable for printing and applying labels of widths 4″ (106 mm), 5″ (127 mm), and 6″ (160 mm) on various products, boxes, and pallets. The maximum label width is 185 mm. With its flexible rotation capability, it can print and apply labels from any direction (top, bottom, and side), making it seamlessly integrable into almost any production line.


Robust construction

The label application station is manufactured with high-quality components, and its exceptionally solid housing is made of durable steel. Every element is produced using premium materials in Germany, and Novexx offers a 2-year warranty on the device frame. Being fanless, no dust can enter the internal structure.


Easy data input

It offers flexible and versatile interfaces, and with the M12-coded panel, the device can be easily connected to system interfaces. Data input is made simple with two USB-A ports, one USB-B port, and Ethernet connectivity. With its web interface, it can be controlled remotely from a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and it is equipped with several customizable interfaces.


User-friendly operation

The operation is completely tool-free, and both label roll and printer ribbon replacement are simple and quick, resulting in increased production efficiency due to minimal downtime. With its open design, the print head can be cleaned or replaced swiftly, and the display remains readable and operable with both open and closed cover configurations.

This intelligent and versatile label printing and application station prints and applies labels on its own, significantly reducing the negative impact on the environment compared to pre-printed label applicators. The display is user-friendly, featuring high-contrast characters and icon-driven, intuitive navigation, facilitating ease of use.

Novexx represents German reliability in the field of labeling technology

Novexx Solutions develops and manufactures high-quality labeling technology products exclusively in Germany, with a strong focus on continuous product innovation and customer-centric solutions. They prioritize product continuity, ensuring consistent quality and performance. Sustainability is an integral part of their corporate values and principles. Novexx has a global presence with 11 locations worldwide and a network of over 100 authorized partners, ensuring expert assistance is readily available in case of any potential issues or challenges.

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